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Friday, May 06, 2011

Small steps for some, giant leaps for Ken!

Ken has been going to cardiac rehabilitation sessions at the Austin Hospital for three weeks now, twice a week. Each session goes for two hours - the first hour is a lecture by one of the hospital specialists on nutrition, medication, etc, and the second hour is exercise consisting of walking, jumping, cycling, weights, and stretches. For the first few sessions, Ken was absolutely stuffed at the end of the hour, and we had to sit down and rest before we went home. But today the nurses said how much he had improved since the first week, and Ken realised they were right. Yesterday we went up to Suglarloaf Reservoir (Ken is driving now), and walked for half an hour. He only had to stop and catch his breath twice in that time. A month ago, he could only walk for a few minutes before he had to stop.

Our lawns desperately need mowing. Yesterday Ken said he might have a go at it in the next few days, but when we asked the nurses today at the rehab. class, they said "No! Definitely not. Your rib cage won't be strong enough to start the mower, let alone push it around. Leave it for another month". I asked Ken if he still thought he would be able to go back to work in a month or so, and he said he's not sure now. We'll just have to wait and see. At least he is learning to be patient about his health, and not taking risks by doing too much too soon.

Still, he is doing a lot more around the house and yard now. He goes up to the aviaries most days, and does the birds' feed and water, which means that is one less task I have to do. He's been making the bed the last few days, and putting dishes away. Tried pulling weeds out of the garden, but didn't get far with that one. Still, little steps add up over time, and who knows, maybe this time next week he will have weeded the whole front yard. I wish!

So what have I been doing? I've made a mini quilt for Ken's Mum's room at the Aged Care hostel, and I made a birthday card for a friend who is an Elvis fan. This was fun! I googled 'sheet music for Elvis songs' and printed out a page to use for the background, and the centre picture is a playing card. Hope my friend will like it!


Blogger FredaB said...

Hi Gina

that is such good news about Ken. It must lift the spirits of both of you. One baby step at a time. Sometimes when we start to feel good we try and do too much like him wanting to mow the lawn. Tell him the lawn will wait or get a young boy to do it for you.

I liked your Elvis card. That was clever with the sheet music and card. Also the wall hanging is very pretty. they will love it and be something for your MIL to brag about.

Our main home is in Chicago and the Florida one is where we spend the winter. About 6 months both places. A little hard on me getting there but once there all is well. It was nice to get home here and really see Spring popping.
All the trees leafing out and flowers popping up. 2 of our children who have 3 grandkids each are both within 10 minutes from us and elder son lives in Minneapolis, MN and has no children. That is why coming home is always good. Get to see them all.

Take care of yourself.



Wednesday, 11 May, 2011  
Blogger Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina,

How's the computer??? It's so hard
when our technological wonders go
on the fritz isn't it?? Ten years
ago we had no clue what a computer
could do except make banking easier
and store masses of other work
related info. Now, it's a major
source of entertainment and a way
to communicate with our family and
friends and we're lost with out
them. Well, except for Phil who
won't touch one outside of work.

How fabulous that Ken is feeling
so much better and doing so well.
Puttering around the house, going
for little jaunts with you,
exercising at rehab and tending
to his birds are all so very good
for him and his recovery.

We didn't have an opportunity to
watch the Royal Wedding live here
because it occurred during the
time that we are getting ready for
work in the morning. So we just
had the radio on and listened to
it while eating breakfast and
driving to work.

Like you I thought Kate's dress
was lovely and she herself was
so beautiful as she walked down
the aisle with her Prince by her
side. Tasteful is a good way to
describe that wedding in every
way. Well, except perhaps for
the ... um ... unfortunate
choices that Fergie's girls made
in their outfits for the day.

I watched the entire event on my
computer on Friday and Saturday
night while stitching. A local
TV station had their five hours
of taped coverage available for
everyone to watch on their web

end of part one

Monday, 16 May, 2011  
Blogger Crazee4books said...

part two

I have had trouble posting my long
and rambling comments at times
lately (probably because they are long and rambling) which Blogger
seems to hate. So I'm posting in
two (or more?) parts here.

Love the mini quilt that you made
for Ken's mum. Beautiful fabrics
and those Iris's are so striking
and wonderful. We have white ones
in our front garden and I keep
meaning to get more.

That Elvis card is quite clever
and I'm willing to bet that your
friend was delighted with it. I
love seeing your collage cards
and the wonderful papers and
other things that you use to
create them. That book you
ordered off of Ebay looks like
a fabulous source of inspiration
and ideas including the piece
that you made with those amazing
Japanese papers and the playing
card. Is that really just a
card from a deck of cards??

It has been a weekend of almost
constant rain here and after
two days of warm, humid weather
we're about to return to the
cool, wet weather that has been
plaguing us this Spring. Every
thing in the garden is lush and
green ... and swimming. Phil is
frustrated and annoyed because
he wants to be out there digging
and pruning and mowing, but it's
too darn wet. Monsoon season in
Canada ... who knew?

Time to go get dressed. Phil
will be home from church soon
and then we're off grocery
shopping. Take care Gina!


Monday, 16 May, 2011  
Blogger Isabelle said...

Great news about Ken. Hope he goes from strength to strength.

Monday, 16 May, 2011  

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