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Saturday, April 23, 2011

One step forward, two steps back.

The news is not all good from this end. Last Friday, we went to the Austin for Ken's first (and last) post-op. outpatients appointment. We saw the surgeon who was in charge of Ken's bypass operation and he said he was very pleased with Ken's progress - the heart is pumping well, and all the vital signs are good. Ken asked why he is still having problems breathing when he exerts himself, and Dr S. said "When we opened your chest up, the lungs were black. They are supposed to be pink. You won't get any better than what you are now, because the damage has been done, and the emphysema is severe". I said "Well, what was the point of having the bypass operation then?" and he replied that Ken will have a few more years to live now as long as he doesn't smoke, and takes life easy. But he should see a lung specialist as soon as possible. They (the hospital) can't do any more for him.
He saw the expressions on our faces, and said that Ken should continue with the cardio rehab program, as well as walking as often as he can, because that will help to strengthen the heart and keep the lungs working to their capacity.

Hmm. We went for a walk in a local park on the way home, and again today. We walked for over half an hour on both days, and Ken was exhausted each time. But he knows he has to keep pushing himself, and when I 'nagged' him to get out of bed today and get ready to go for a walk, he was not happy, but when we got back home, he thanked me for keeping on his back about it. I visited Helen this afternoon while Ken was having a snooze, and when I told her about Ken, she said "Oh I know how he feels. I get so tired very quickly since the stroke. But at least I can breathe". They are good for each other in a strange way. She is grateful because she can breathe, and Ken is grateful because he isn't paralysed. Just goes to show doesn't it - that we all have something to be grateful for. I breathe easily and I'm not paralysed, so I'm twice as lucky.


Blogger Sharon said...

Oh G - I am so sorry.. What can one say... See you soon Love to you both xxx

Saturday, 23 April, 2011  
Blogger Peter said...

Hi Gina, thanks for your concern for both myself (woe is Me!!!) and Merle.
I am normally disgustingly healthy, only visit the doctor twice a year for blood pressure script renewal, you know the type.... so it came as a bit of a shock not to recognize the face that looked back at me from the mirror.
That said I have still come through with a relativly minor ailment compared with lots of other people, Ken and Merle included, thanks again for your concern.

Monday, 25 April, 2011  
Blogger cell said...

hi...that must've been hard! It's never easy pushing oneself to do something unpleasant. I've the same problem with exercising though I've been told countless of times that I's good that Ken has all the services in place to support his efforts.and your support of course! you're right in finding things to be thankful for.hope he'll feel all better soon.

Wednesday, 27 April, 2011  

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