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Monday, April 11, 2011

Not much to write about...

I'm not doing anything worth writing about on my blog, but for the sake of my kind friends who read this blog, I can tell you that Ken's recovery has been very slow.
The blood tests he had last week showed no sign of anaemia; in fact the doctor was pleased with them. He said that Ken's liver, kidneys, heart, etc. all showed up as being pretty good. So there is no actual cause for him feeling 'lousy' as he describes himself. There are good days and bad days. On the bad days he barely has enough energy to get out of bed, but I encourage him to at least get dressed, even if he wants to lie on the couch all day. For a few days last week all he wanted for tea was boiled rice and poached eggs. So that's what I served up (I treated myself to a few little luxuries such as smoked salmon and avocado on rye bread...yum), but his appetite improved, and we had a roast dinner on Saturday night which we both enjoyed.

We have had a steady stream of visitors, spacing themselves out every second day so Ken has a chance to rest on the alternate days. Today he had to go for an X-ray (he says he doesn't need to go anywhere near Japan to be radioactive after all the X-rays he's had lately), and after that was done, we stopped at the shopping centre to buy some birthday cards. He wanted to buy mine, because he doesn't know when he'll be well enough to go out again before my birthday on Friday. Well, we got to the newsagent, and once he'd selected a card and paid for it, he looked for somewhere to sit down. After a few minutes we moved on to Coles where he wanted something, but before we went in the store, he had to stop and sit down to regain his breath. Then, when we came out, he had to sit down again. By the time we got to my car (across the road from Coles) he was exhausted, and I couldn't even drive off until he'd recovered from that little jaunt.

This is what upsets him; the rehab. clinic information sheet says after 4 weeks the patient should be walking one kilometre a day, but he can hardly walk 10 metres! He is starting to wonder if he'll ever be able to return to work. All the medics tell him it is because of his lungs, and he will just have to be patient with himself. The nurse in charge of the hospital cardiac rehab clinic is coming here tomorrow, to work out a personal exercise program for Ken, as she recognises that he can't do what most heart patients are already capable of doing. On a good day, he will walk up the back yard to see the birds in his aviaries (which I have been looking after, in addition to looking after Ken and the cats!), and on a nice sunny day we will sit up there for up to half an hour. But that tires him out, and he wants to go back inside and lie down.

All this has curtailed my usual activities of opshopping, visiting art and craft galleries with friends, meeting friend for coffee or lunch, and so on. But the upside of that is that I'm not spending any money! Which is good, seeing Ken isn't earning anything now. My friend Glenda who lives around the corner is good company; when I have to go shopping, I call her and she will come with me if she is free.
Helen and Ray visited last week, bringing freshly made scones with jam and cream (Helen makes the BEST scones), and we had a lovely afternoon out on the patio. Sadly, Ken wasn't feeling well, and couldn't stomach anything except a cup of tea, but Helen left the remaining scones here for me to freeze, so I re-heated them on Sunday afternoon when some other friends came to visit, and Ken tucked into them!

Tiger is growing rapidly, and still doing cute kitty things, like crawling into my shopping tote bags and falling asleep.


Blogger Linens and Royals said...

Thanks for the update Gina, I admit to getting a little worried when there were no new posts for a week. Pleased to see Tiger being as cute as ever.
As you can't go shopping or lunch with friends-always my favourite activity-I hope you are catching up with lots of U.F.O stitching.

Tuesday, 12 April, 2011  
Blogger Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina,

Really appreciate the update on
how things are going for Ken,
and for you as well.

It's good that you've been able
to coax Ken into making an effort
to move around, even on his bad
days. I imagine that every little
bit of movement or exercise is a
good thing for him during this
time. Having the nurse from the
rehab clinic visit to make up an
exercise program that will suit
Ken's situation and needs is
going to really help I think.

Is your Coles a bookstore?? We
have a bookstore chain comprised
of an amalgamation of several
smaller bookstores that were
bought out and have become one
big chain. So, Coles, Chapters
and Indigo (the one doing the
buying out of the others) became
one big conglomerate.

It's great that Ken's appetite
has begun to return and he's
started to enjoy his food again.
I read about your friend's home
made scones (Helen makes the
BEST scones) and my mouth began
to water. I love scones with
jam and cream soooooo much!!!
I make them too but mostly just
at Christmas time because they
are so rich and not good for
people like me who would eat
the lot in one sitting ... all
by myself!!

I saw (on your other blog)your
new journal for recording your magazines and the articles and patterns in them so that if you want to find something you'll
have it's location right at your finger tips. Very smart idea.

I have made spread sheets to
list what specialty threads I
have, and I keep a book journal
and a DVD list that way too.
The problem is that I pull
threads from my stash and for-
get to update the spread sheet
and delete the threads that I
have used. DOH!!

We've had some nice Spring
weather here lately, including
a couple of really, really
warm days that were a welcome
treat. However it seems that
this weekend we'll be getting
cooler temperatures again with
rain and the possibility of
... you know ... the stuff
with the name that starts with
"S". I refuse to speak or type
the entire word. I refuse to
acknowledge that it might "S"
this weekend. If it does "S"
I'll refuse to see it.

Love Tiger in your shopping bag.
Cats truly are the same all over.
Our Rupert loves to lay on our
cloth shopping bags too, and
because he does it now Phoebe has
to do it too. So when we go out
to shop our bags are covered in

Hope you're hanging in there
and things continue to improve
for Ken. Take care!

Friday, 15 April, 2011  
Blogger cell said... must be frustrating when recovery is slow...but just take it a day at a time. keep encouraging him and try to think of the positive things, no matter how small. you both have each other, you have lovely cats and birds around! :) if he's still tired or pain is not in control, might be worthwhile to talk to the doctor or nurse about that.

Saturday, 16 April, 2011  
Blogger FredaB said...

Hi Gina

Life is a bitch. I thought that by now Ken would be really getting up and about. An exercize schedule geared for his lung problem would be best. You would think walking would help but that takes a lot of lung power. If it keeps up try and get him back to the cardiologist and see what they say.

You take care of yourself while all this is going on. I think sometimes it is harder on the caregiver then the patient.



Monday, 18 April, 2011  

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