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Friday, April 01, 2011

Not a good week.

Last Friday's post was optimistic. Too optimistic it would seem. Ken went downhill from then on. He had no energy, felt dizzy and light-headed whenever he stood up to walk, which meant he wouldn't go outside to walk around in case he passed out and fell. I called the hospital on both Friday and Saturday nights to ask what we should do, and both times I was advised to bring Ken into Emergency so they could assess him. The ward doctors I spoke to said it sounded like Ken was anaemic, and should have blood tests to confirm that. Ken didn't want to go back to hospital, so I faxed his cardiologist and cardiac surgeon on Sunday night, telling them that Ken was very unwell.

On Monday the surgeon's secretary called me and said I should take Ken to the hospital. But I waited until the cardiologist called me on Tuesday, and it turned out to be the right decision. He asked me a few questions about Ken, and then said "It sounds to me like he is doing pretty well, if he is getting out of bed every day, and eating three times a day. A lot of people who have that operation fall in a heap when they get home, and don't get out of bed for weeks. As for anaemia, it is quite common after heart surgery as there is often a large loss of blood during the operation. It will clear up in a few weeks. With his lung disease, he can expect to be short of breath for six to eight weeks, more so than other people who don't have the same health issues."

So, that made us feel a bit more confident, and as it was a nice sunny autumn day, I took Ken up to our favourite picnic spot, Sugarloaf Reservoir. Ken walked around a bit, but got tired very quickly so we just sat and enjoyed the sun and our lunch. I called the hospital again when we got back home, and spoke to the cardiac rehab. clinic. They made an appointment for Ken at 9 am Friday. I told them that Ken wouldn't be able to start the rehab. program yet, and the nurse said that didn't matter - just bring him in, and they will do a complete assessment of his condition. So that's where we were this morning, and it was a very worthwhile two hours. She agreed with everything the cardiologist had said to me, and suggested that Ken have blood tests to see if he was anaemic. We had an appointment with our GP at midday, and he organised the tests for Ken straight away. He said that if the results showed mild anaemia, he wouldn't prescribe anything, because the body would just sort itself out in the next few weeks. But if it was severe, Ken may have to have a blood transfusion, although he didn't think that was likely. We will get the results on Monday, and in the meantime, the nurse told Ken to take it easy over the weekend. As if he needed to be told! So even though he feels very second-hand, at least we know why, and something is being done about it.

His sister Lorraine dropped in tonight after work, bearing gifts to cheer us up. She is such a sweetie. She didn't know what to bring Ken because he doesn't read books, and all his hobbies are outdoors things, so she brought stuff for me! "Where's Elvis?" book (originally "Where's Wally?" - remember them?) just for a laugh; a Bill Bryson book which I started reading after tea and haven't stopped giggling; a cake of goats milk soap (because I need pampering), and a packet of biscuits. Ken had a look at "Where's Elvis?" but after 10 minutes gave up in disgust, and he didn't want a bikkie with his cuppa, so I guess all the goodies have my name on them!


Blogger Merle said...

Dear Gina ~~ I left 2 or 3 comments on the previous post but none came through - sorry.
I am sorry Ken has had more problems but at least you are sorting them out and they are expected. Do hope he feels better so, so that you both will feel better. Take care,
my friend, Love, Merle.

Wednesday, 06 April, 2011  

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