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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long term plans for the future.

I just did some online banking and discovered that Ken's last pay has been deposited into our account. I know it is the last one because it is about one quarter of his usual wage. He hadn't taken any long holidays over the time he has been working for the company, so his annual leave had accrued to the point where he has been receiving his regular fortnightly salary. I found it hard to believe he had accumulated 11 weeks pay, but of course if he hadn't, he wouldn't have been getting paid up to now.

It doesn't look like he will be going back to work any time soon, and he said yesterday that he doesn't think he will ever be fit enough to go back at all. His colleagues have been ringing him to see how he is, and have asked when he's returning. It is nice to know you are wanted, but he will be 70 next year, and if he's not up to the physically demanding aspect of his job, that's the last word, isn't it.

Thank goodness for superannuation. Our financial adviser has always cautioned us to choose the investment packages that were not high risk, so while we haven't made squillions of dollars in our super, on the other hand we didn't lose too much during the global financial crisis. We have enough to live on for the next few years, and we also get a pension, but when the super runs out...well, I'm not going to spend my future years worrying about that! We'll just have to sell the house to pay off the mortgage and buy something in the country where the land and house prices are slightly less than what they are in suburban Melbourne. At least we have options. The Great Australian Dream of owning one's own home is worth battling for when you are younger.

Still, none of us know what is around the corner. I still buy a Tattslotto ticket every week, so we could get lucky. VERY lucky, but very unlikely! If I outlive Ken, I would sell up everything and go into a retirement village and probably have enough left over to live on. But if all the ancient predictions about 2012 come to fruition, none of us will ever have to worry about money again!


Blogger cell said...

move to tassie! the homes here are so much cheaper and it's beautiful.

Friday, 27 May, 2011  
Blogger Gina E. said...

I WISH!! Unfortunately, if we move anywhere, it will have to be to a warmer place north of Melbourne because of Ken's health. Pity, because we both love Tassie, and would love to live there.

Saturday, 28 May, 2011  
Blogger Merle said...

Dear Gina ~~ I am sorry Ken is taking a bit longer to get strong and I hope and pray that he will be able to work later on. If not, then you have plans in mind and will cope.
I hope all the colds clear up - your mother in law included. Will be thinking of you and Ken and wishing you well. I am still going well, so am very fortunate that the exercises help and I am doing them to get stronger. Take care my friend,Love, Merle.

Tuesday, 31 May, 2011  

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