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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Visitors bearing gifts!

On Good Friday, LeeAnn and her hubby Rob visited us for Dinner and DVDs (Standard fare at the Wilson's). Being Good Friday, I thought I'd better do the right thing and have fish and chips. About 6 pm Ken asked "Hadn't you better go to the shop and get the fish and chips?" HALLOO!!!! Who said anything about BUYING greasy fried fish and chips from a shop?? No way. I'd bought FRESH fish the day before from a very reliable source at our local shopping centre: Barramundi, Flake and Rainbow Trout. I'll admit I had frozen chips on hand, but let's face it - who cuts up potatoes and makes their own chips from scratch these days? I made up a lettuce and tomato tossed salad beforehand, and had two cookbooks open at pages with delicious fish recipes.

When our friends arrived, I asked LeeAnn how she liked fish cooked. She looked at the recipes and said she liked to cook fish simply - wrapped in foil with a bit of butter and seasoning, and baked in the oven. I agreed with her that fish has such a subtle flavour, excess spices and flavours disguise the real fish taste. So that's what we had, and Rob said it was one of the best meals of fish he'd ever tasted. My husband said nothing. He doesn't like to eat fish unless he's caught it himself...

LeeAnn does a lot of cooking for Lodge and other functions in their local community, and one of her specialities is beautifully decorated Cup Cakes. She'd had photos of them on her blog a while ago, and I asked her to bring some next time they came here. So she did - and these were our dessert:

And here is me, cup of tea in one hand, pigging out on my fourth cake!

LeeAnn also brought three doilies for my collection. (They can be seen here) These dear people never come empty-handed. Cakes, doilies and Rob brought a couple of bottles of beer to share with Ken. What did they go home with? Well for starters, probably partial deafness! We played a bit of Andre Rieu, all of Ratatouille, all of Rock Around the Clock, and bits of the BeeGees, Jerry Lee Lewis, and some of Ken's best LOUD movie scenes, during which LeeAnn and I escaped to the other end of the house!
We gave them a copy of the Andre Rieu DVD, as I had a spare copy. They should have gone home with two Easter eggs, but I forgot about them - waaaaaahhhh! They were sitting in a basket on the drinks cabinet, and I didn't see them until an hour after LeeAnn and Rob had gone! Don't you HATE yourself when you do dumb stuff like that?


Blogger La Tea Dah said...

It sounds like you had a lovely time with your friends!

Happy Easter!


Sunday, 23 March, 2008  

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