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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How often does this happen?!

When I bought my new washing machine last month, the instructions said that if the purchaser lodges the warranty information online, they would be automatically put into a competition draw for a prize. I thought "Oh yeah, righto", completed the information required, and forgot all about it. Last Friday, I received an email from Retravision, saying I'd won $1000 worth of electrical appliances, and would I please confirm my residential address so they could make delivery! Ken said "that's a hoax, don't do anything", but I remembered the warranty deal, and ignored his advice. Just as well - look what arrived today! Two BIG boxes.

Unpacked in the garage, because they were too cumbersome to carry upstairs, were all these goodies!

Well, I guess one has to get lucky some time! Ken snapped up the shaver, as he has never had an electric shaver, prefering to use a safety razor. But this one is worth $199 according to the list, so he reckons it is worth trying.
I'll keep the hand blender, as I've often thought I'd like one of those. But the rest will go to the Bushfire Recovery Centre, as after looking at the toaster and jug, we still prefer our present kettle and toaster. And I have no need of a juicer, hair straightener, or electric hair plucker thing, although Ken said it would be ideal to get the hairs that grow in his nose...forget it!!!!!

I dropped into the Hurstbridge Recovery Centre today while I was up there, and told the lady in charge about my windfall. She was more excited than I was! And when I told her I'd be donating most of it to them, well...I think I made her day, LOL!

This is the Hurstbridge Bushfire Recovery Centre. These centres are scattered around the outskirts of Melbourne, and people can take goods there to be donated to the bushfire survivors.

Signs on the gate outside the recovery centre give you an idea of what people have lost. I'm not sure about the fishing trip request though...perhaps some men who used to go fishing have lost all their equipment, and just want to go out with other fishermen one day. I should mention this to Ken.


Blogger FredaB said...

Congratulations and how good of you to donate them to the people who really need them. We are celebrating our 50th. anniversery this Aug. and I have told my daughter that the invitation must say Absolutely NO gifts but please make a donation to the Salvation Army (our favorite charity) or to a local food bank if they feel they must do something. Times are very bad for a lot of people here and I do not need another solitary thing.



Thursday, 25 June, 2009  
Blogger bigbikerbob said...

Hi Gina, Nice to see that your people are pulling together in hard times like these. I bet the women in the charity shop was pleased to see you, also nice when you can "Do" your bit too.

Friday, 26 June, 2009  

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