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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Today was a nice day in many ways.

I took the last of Lorna's fabric postcards to Kinglake Middle Primary School today.
The school had been burnt to the ground (this is all that is left - a concrete slab)

but temporary classrooms and offices have been erected nearby.

The principal was delighted to receive the box of postcards, and like all before her, was very touched by the messages written on the backs by the English children. She said she would send a postcard out with the school newsletter this week so every family would get one. I thought that was a great idea, as the parents would receive it in the mail instead of their kids bringing one home, and perhaps losing it on the way!
Have a look at these...the children had made up posters to thank all the people who helped their community during and after the fires. These were inside the window of one of the classrooms.

The top poster thanks the firemen, and the bottom one thanks the SES (State Emergency Service). I couldn't make out the centre one. There were other posters around the school, thanking police and ambulance drivers among others.

After I left the school, I went to Hurstbridge where I met a friend for lunch. She works at the Community Bank. Doesn't look like a regular bank, does it!
Hurstbridge is a tiny little town, and when the major banks closed down and moved out because there wasn't enough money in it for them, the Community Bank moved in, and they are doing very well indeed. Good on them - this has happened in many of our rural towns, and the local people find it hard to get to a major country town to their bank. So the Community Banks have been a godsend, and they are the ones reaping the profits when the locals close their accounts with the big banks!
While I was waiting for Sandra to come out for lunch, I went for a walk along Main Street. It is such a pretty town, I couldn't resist taking some photos.
I resisted temptation and didn't go into the opshop here

Or the antique shop next door

But when I strolled past the gift shop

and saw these delightful carved penguins, I just had to see what they had inside.

The shop is full of delightfully whimsical nick nacks, and when I saw these chooks, well...out came the wallet. Salt and pepper shakers, and one that sits on the edge of a shelf.

I've got some more photos, but it's 2 am for goodness sake! I'm off to bed, and will post the others tomorrow - er, later today.


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