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Monday, May 28, 2007

Topsy is in disgrace again.

Do I have enough toys, or shall I go and scratch someone?
Does anyone else out there have a bad tempered cat? I mean a REALLY bad tempered cat? On Sunday morning, Ken and I were snoozing in bed, when Topsy launched herself onto the bed, purring and kneading with gusto in her usual way. I reached out to stroke her and next thing I was yelping with pain. She had caught my hand with all claws out, and bitten it - HARD. Today I was $60 out of pocket, having had a tetanus shot and a course of antibiotics.

This isn't the first time that has happened - I had to have antibiotics about a year ago after a similar incident. Ken hasn't escaped her tantrums either - she's attacked him many times without provocation. As for Elsie, poor old dog. She's 18 years old, deaf and nearly blind, and has no chance when Topsy sneaks up behind her and jumps up on her back to hang on with her claws for a few seconds. Poor Elsie just yelps - she's too slow to react with a growl or a bite.

Ken says he is going to take her back to the Cat Protection Society to trade her in on another cat. He's only half joking; they probably wouldn't take her back, let alone swap her for another cat. But if we had children or older people as guests, we wouldn't be able to trust her - not that she hangs around long enough for anyone to touch her. She dives under the bed whenever there are strangers here, and doesn't show her face until everyone is gone.

Ken and I really do love cats, but we are very disappointed in Topsy. She is three years old, so she's had enough time to show her true colours, and she's not an affectionate cat at all, unlike our previous pussies. It's a shame; she is a beautiful cat, with such a cute little face when she's not cross.


Blogger Meow said...

OMG, you poor thing ... a tetanus shot and antibiotics !! Naughty Topsy. Cats can be sooooo 2-faced, can't they. Shame she's not affectionate, that's the best thing about cats, their affection. My Bambi can be unpredictable ... one minute she's schmoozing, rubbing, purring ... next, she's eating my hand and attacking with all 4 paws. Fortunately, I have learnt not to pull away ... that's when the damage happens ... I actually push away (and she generally comes flying back in pursuit ...scary stuff) ... it's like something clicks, and she turns evil !!! I hope Topsy calms down eventually.
Good luck.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow

Tuesday, 29 May, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same issue as Meow....
'Floyd' is'nt as bad as Topsy but he can draw blood if he wants to. Perhaps you could use the old child behaviour treatment on her. You know.. good rewards for good behaviour and punishment for bad. Perhaps if she goes to do it again... grab her before she runs away and tell her off like you would a child. Cats in angry moods hate to be held.... so maybe you could wrap her in a towel and hold her for a chosen 'time out' period. I tried this on Floyd when he was a kitten as he got a bit nasty and this showed him who was boss. Other than that.... I don't know what else you can do.
Good Luck Gina. xox

Tuesday, 29 May, 2007  
Blogger Meow said...

I meant to mention ... I have a water squirter bottle in every room of the house (even beside my bed) ... and I'm not scared to use it LOL. These days, just shaking it, makes Bambi stop her naughty behaviour. It's a bit hard, though, when your hands are being eaten, to grab that bottle !!!
Good luck, Meow

Tuesday, 29 May, 2007  
Blogger miss*R said...

ouch. I am highly allergic to cats, especially their scratches - I break out in huge welts which is the main reason I didn't get myself a black cat awhile back.

Wednesday, 30 May, 2007  

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